Tried to purchase three items online. The shipping charges continually changed (upwards) and the acceptance of PayPal was denied.

Tried calling customer service only to be put on hold, have two different representatives from the Philippines(?) mumble their way unintelligible...finally asked for a supervisor. After nearly 45 minutes on the call(s), I tried once again online and the order was accepted but under wrong billing (used Amazon card, not my choice). I believe that Amazon has planned use of their card, charged taxes on shipping and handling (not in Pa.), and is very poorly run via customer care.

Last, my bill for the time lost is $250.00; this is less than my usual rate because I did place the order.

My invoice is to be sent to Seattle, Washington when we can access the appropriate people. The invoice will include service charges if not paid in 30 days of this notice.

Dr.George D.Petito


User's recommendation: Avoid the use of Amazon ...they obviously do not care about the consumer or providing customer service of a high level.

Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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