I wanted to buy a product of amazon basics 30 liter oven which I need to know some details when am calling the customer care they keep giving the other number telling that those will have the details. If this is the case just to buy a product imagine the if I need to claim warranty or service (I could see in the review the same issue of other customer but I thought they just telling simply ) but when I tired when am facing the same issue .

Numbers which given for me

Amazone customer cate gave


( they told me no I have to call

180******** ( I called they told I should call ( dint even want to listen what’s my issue is )

180********. This number I tired it’s ringing no one is picking the call

It’s not only this all

The numbers it’s rang for 5times then they responded

So am Thinking should I buy or no

Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

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