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Yes, there is a need to revamp the organization and reuvaluate the delivery drivers. Need of a training program that has a more effective vetting process to weed out lazy and unproductiive employees.

I thought when drivers deliver the packages they have to take a picture of the merchandize at the customers home. Why isnt that enforced. Should be a manditory procedure. Track every delivery and a pic should be inclusive of the delivery.

It is a bad reflection on Amazon when its not done. I noticed it not only once or twice, but, several times. Customers depend on Amazon because of its reputation. Stop hiring degenerates who can't do their jobs correctly.

It's easy to hire drivers who have a clean driving record, but, don't take pride in their job. Imagine if they ordered online and had a driver place their package incorrectly or away from their residence, and it got stolen. Treat others like you'd want to be treated. Thank God I am not their boss because there would be a lot of employees looking for new jobs.

Amazon needs a tracking system that monitors their where a bout.

(Fleet tracking system). I even noticed drivers exceeding the speed limit through residential streets as well.

User's recommendation: openly express your concerns.

Location: Columbia, Maryland

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