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Ive been away from home for two days. My US postal service mail person called me today (small town!) To tell me that I had received a delivery and it was outside in the pouring rain.

5 in 12 hours. He was out of plastic bags or wouldve covered it for me. I came home to find a small package from my regular Amazon delivery person on my front porch. My regular Amazon delivery person is meticulous about carefully delivering my orders.

What was surprising was that the UPS delivery left in the rain was covered.

According to my Camera the only visitor I had to the house after my USPS mail person was my regular Amazon driver. Who put plastic covers over another carriers delivery.

If this actually gets to a person, would you please thank my delivery person; who always goes above and beyond!

Susan Rice

User's recommendation: Live in my area for excellent customer service-boots on the ground.

Preferred solution: Recognition of my regulaarbAmazob delivery person as an excellent employee and ambassador for Amazon. .

Location: Durham, North Carolina

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