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I have never been so mistreated Over the phone like this before in my life. like I was today December 21, 2021.

Please bear with me Im going to start from the beginning so you could understand It begins on the 11/22 15:46:51 And you will find this in my messages I purchased a twin stroller and two infant car seat And I forgot to purchase it through my baby registry so I called customer service And a very Nice Amazon representative Russell G. Was very understanding and he help me to get the 15% off of my order #113-992****-800****

$409.83 so I was issued $81.97 promotional credit Because I couldnt refund it back to my debit card because I use someone elses account by mistake Inept the time I did not know I will have so much trouble with using the promotional credit like I have. And so I was saving that money for diapers or baby necessities So I was holding on to be $80 for sometime now but my sister wanted me to get something for myself because Ive been helping a lot with the babies so she decided to buy me some Oakleys Sunglass to show appreciation I said no because I wanted to save it for the babies she Decided to surprise me and bought it anyway now its December 18, 2021 my package did not arrive until I called because of the holidays they said give it a day or two. And so I called on The 20th of December.

yesterday The representative on the phone said that the package arrived I believe on the 19th I never seen the package but on your guises website it showed a picture of it by my front door I normally will have my caregivers get my packages because Im in a wheelchair So it could be difficult at times to grab packages Wow anyway they tell me to fill out an incident report I told them Ill try to but I will have difficulties because I have a learning disability in my caregiver is off for the night So I tried to fill it out probably more than 14 times and it was still wrong they was keep telling me its not acceptable and giving me a hard time and stressing me out pretty much saying if I dont get this done Im not gonna Get reimbursed are to see if theres another one available to mail me causing me a kind of stress but I still kept trying and you could look at all these emails back-and-forth And Im explaining to them I dont know how to do it I need help and they were being so rude and They were causing me to have so much anxiety yes I start to get past rated and I started to cry little and at this point in time I already had enough I have been a member with Amazon for 16 years since 2005 this is the first time Ive ever been treated like this in so after a few more attempts I guess the representatives who are helping me youre at least trying to were getting very frustrated and so they said while we issued you a refund even though you didnt fill out the correct form the right way after I told them I have a learning disability I did not understand what they needed me to do and so pretty much they made me feel like garbage So I went to my emails to see the refund and then it says theyre only refunding me $31.08 That was on my gift card I called back and I told them what happened to the rest of the money they total was $150 very rudely your employee told me after $31.08 With all I can get in for the third time reminded me that I did not fill out the paperwork right anyway so I should be thankful pretty much that Im getting that thats how he made me feel he said we dont give refunds on promotional Credit I said excuse me sir that was not promotional I purchased $400 worth of baby merchandise and that was my discount back to me its not my fault he didnt put it back on a gift card he used a promotional credit very rudely he said well theres nothing that I could do for you I asked to speak to his supervisor Sarah.. This woman got on the phone and she was the most rudest disrespectful & inconsiderate human being Ive ever Spoken with on the phone And she supposed to be a supervisor and Im not being sarcastic you can listen to all of the auto tapes that woman was straight rude She said pretty much we issued you money you paid for with your gift card we cannot give you the promotional credit back thats a one time use and at the time I didnt know it was a one time use but I wasnt expecting My order to disappear I was trying to explain to her if she could please be understandable that wasnt a promo code or a discount that was from merchandise that I bought with my heart on Social Security money that Ive been saving for my nieces and nephews So I told her that wasnt no promo code and then she cut me off and then she told me is there anything else I can do for you because I already told you were not giving you a promotional discount and for the third time this morning I was reminded that Im lucky Im even getting money to my gift card because With Jill filling out the incident report incorrect info she made me feel really stupid in this rude woman didnt even know that I was handicapped & s wheelchair and I have a learning disability heartless then I was trying to explain to her I have been a loyal customer for 16 years you cant just please give me my $80 back that Ive been saving for my nieces nephews not my fault my package disappeared she told me Walther I cant just make an exception for you Ill have to do that for everyone why are you so different from all the rest I said are you serious so if that point I said I was going to return the infant car seats in the double stroller because theyre not even born yet theyre due this Christmas so I have time to replace them because Ive never felt so disrespected and humiliated in my life by a supervisor at a major corporation like Amazon and then she cut me off again and said is there anything else we could do for you because were not gonna give you any promotional discount We already refunded you the money you purchased with on your gift card So pretty much my money just goes to waste thats not right Im on Social Security Im on a fixed income and then Id be little with myself and I said can I please at least have 20 or $30 for A one time courtesy for this situation is thats acceptable. she said no you have a nice day sir. And if I had the time and if I was able to go back to all of my orders for 16 years in Round up all my orders and calculate all of the thousands of dollars that I spent at this corporation and I still do monthly with prime and other services through Amazon $90 is nothing compared to the the money that I spent Over 16 years as a loyal customer so could someone please help me have some compassion for god sakes its Christmas time I told my sister not to buy those $150 glasses and now $150 went to waste do you know it takes me four months to save up $200 on a fixed income thats not even true five months it takes and you guys just rather go in the garbage then give it to someone who needs it I cant believe how this corporation is treating their customers and I know its not a corporation its just youre rude employees this is the first time Ive ever experienced it at least out of the 16 years with your company Im sorry I just I feel I deserve better Then to be treated this way!!


I wasnt going to talk to my phone for hour Italian my story because I dont know how to spell think God for Siri but whoever reads this I hope you learn from this you dont treat people whos left fortunate than you like this because were all human and we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect what bothers me the most minus me losing $150 is now and probably going to be losing you Amazon that bothers me the most. I would appreciate if someone will get back to me Im leaving my information below but I dont receive the money back then at least deserve to knowledge meant me pouring out my soul further Anil getting myself thank you merry Christmas!!

Atlee O Pellom Jr


(209) 373-****

User's recommendation: Speak your truth customers don’t allow employees in cricket supervisors treats you less than who you really are for the corporation show some compassion and have a little.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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