I have been a long time customer of Amazon and Amazon prime which I upgraded to a few years ago. My Wi-Fi is fine every app I have weather is Instacart Publix Uber Netflix Google TikTok any of them everything works fine.

But I have been trying for days to place an order and when I click on what I want it opens up and that's all it does I cannot order anything I even tried different items just to say same thing. I have left emails I've called but the number say they are not correct and I would like someone to contact me personally please I'm trying to order a birthday present and an anniversary present that I should've ordered three days ago. I tried again today and still no luck. Can you please call me

at: 954-861-**** Barbara Matthewman

It is Sunday, October 16, 2021 5:20 PM Eastern standard time.

I dont know why you have phone numbers for people to call for help when no one answers them or they say its no longer in service or wrong number. Ill give you my email address but I would really appreciate you not emailing me and calling me so that someone life can help me work through whats going on.


Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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