Y'all's service has been getting worse and worse my s***'s been getting messed up every time my waitress orders my books and my baby orders now and he even admitted he brought it to the wrong apartment and they kept it the baby is wearing the clothes now I am not repaying for anything and made me repay for a book that I should have never paid for I pay you every month for Amazon for being a prime time customer and I don't think I'm being treated right I think I need a bonus through y'all and my stuff for free for a little while nothing is being great at all I'm very very pissed off my baby shower person had to get her stuff mailed to her because of y'all and now the other people haven't and will not give it back so I don't know if I might have to press charges against them or y'all but like I said I'm a prime time customer I'm always buying from y'all y'all need to help me out before I blast y'all on what's up Bruce City and I'm also in another group that I would blast you in just make it right just make it right with me and quit screwing me over and make sure your driver's know what they're doing I mean I already had to stop with the post office because they couldn't get it right and y'all can't get it right now so please do something about this if nothing's done about this I'm going to do something about it I don't want to blast y'all or any of my friends to blast y'all but just make it right with me and if you make it right with me and give me an excellent credit I will tell Facebook what a great company you are to keep keep buying from you but they're still no excuse for how y'all are treating people and leaving packages wherever y'all want to thank you have a nice night and I hope you go my way and help me out for anything gets worse.

Location: Nederland, Texas

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