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Amazon charged me for amazon prime. I called Amazon that is when I explained that I had amazon prime for free for a year.

The gentleman he said his name was Paul looked at the account and said yes I see this. He said that I had also been charged last month, that he was going to refund the 12.99 for both months. I said I appreciate that. Then he said I just need to get some info to get it refunded to my account.

Well to make atleast an hour and a half later. Being put on hold and feeling like I was given the run aroundhe says ok its there check your account. So I check it NO THE MONEY WAS NOT THERE INFACT 103.99 WAS TAKEN OUT OF MY ACCOUNT! So Itold him he said o let me fix it.

At least another 45 minutes later and being hung up on twice. I called back Paul answered I told him I needed to speak to his supervisor he got on the phone his name was Alex. I explained what was going on. He said it would be there within 24 hours.

I told him NO they took money out of my account with out me authorizing it and it needed to be back in my account TODAY. He said it would all be there within the hour. GUESS WHAT... NOT IN MY ACCOUNT!

My blood is boiling! I promise with everything I love if it is not in there in the morning, I WILL BE CALLING THE PROPER AUTHORITIES AND FILING A REPORT, AND HANDLING THINGS WITH THE POLICE OR WHOEVER I HAVE TO!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Store Location: Rochelle, Georgia

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AMAZON PRIME HAS BECOME A TOTAL MARKETING SCHEME RIP-OFF! We only bought it originally for "free shipping/free returns".

Now Bezos is raising the price of PRIME and taking away most of those benefits, the reasons most of us went with PRIME in the first place. Bezos is nothing more than an older Mark "FACEBOOK" Zuckerberg! If you're still using PRIME, READ EVERYTHING CLOSELY!!! Every product has it's own deal, whether PRIME or not!!!!


Bezos & Zuckerberg exude BAD KARMA. All the money in the world won't save you when it comes back to you!