Yes I need you to send me my password so that I can reset it because I can't open up the amazon web I also need to know about the package that I don't know whether it's a scam or what but they're saying I got and I can pick up at one of your Depot stations or whatever I don't know what the package is I remember ordering anything but I want it delivered to me not shoved in the freaking PO box how did you guys become a trillion dollar company from being stupid anyway I better get an answer I'm going to get back to you here later today. If they're legitimate is an actual package that I have coming I want you to send it to rite aid which is Silverton Oregon I don't have their address easy enough for you to look up you probably have a computer in your hand being with Amazon anyway that's what I need to do is pick up whatever that packages and rite aid Silverton Oregon 97183 excuse me 971-38

Location: Federal Way, Washington

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