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I truly believe there is something definitely wrong with Amazon's policies and in general their business ,all of it corporate , personal ,aws, seller and buisness accounts ..they are quick to lock you out of these so called accounts we think we are making legit but they don't update the info on phone numbers so you have a new account with a new number only problem is the number is still attached to the former owner ..ive had them freeze 2 accounts on me because of gift cards I received as a referral bonus thru at&t ..about $300 worth and no one ever got in touch with me to help either..they also promote the use of certain software that is known for hackers to enable and use so are they about buisness and customer service or cyber crime

User's recommendation: Don't sign up with your cards or any financial data if you do use a prepaid card so they can't charge you for anything you didn't order as far as service or subscription goes.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Pros: Convenient i dont have to leave my house.

Amazon Cons: Way too many problems now, Service payed for but not applied correctly, That they have never knowledge my complaint.

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