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I signed up for a free month of prime got three free days was charged 104.79 i called the guy says well your months up i said how can this be its only three days so i say cancell the account refund my money he does today 1027/14 on month later i get another charge same amount i call he says well your prime free is up i am raising my voice at thid point telling him that was canceled a month ago he says ok i will refund your money in five days i say no you will do today this is a, scam
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Amazon steals seller's monies to pay their bills

For the 3th time in a year since I have been selling online with Amazon, my account has been suspended and my funds held until Amazon gets around to paying. I am owed $1300 and it looks like I won't see it until January 2014, if not longer. This is not legal or ethical. Would anyone want to do business with people who held onto your money for 90+ days? No one would, which is why I am finally done with Amazon's *** business practices. I only stuck it out with Amazon because I was getting orders, lots of orders over the holiday season, but putting up with Amazon is not worth the hassle. They create problems for people and never have solutions. Just problems. I can see if I were a bad seller but I am not. All my orders go out in a timely fashion, within 2-3 days most of the time and I always provide tracking and ask for feedback. The problem is, Amazon's business ethics create bad buyers. If a buyer doesn't want to pay for an item, all they have to do is leave negative feedback, contact Amazon and file a sorry-*** complaint and Amazon refunds their money from the seller's account. The buyer gets to keep their item plus their money. I've been scammed by many of Amazon's buyers who pull this stunt and they do it because they know Amazon will let them scam the seller.... keeping happy customers and all that. It's becoming common knowledge Amazon will hold their seller's funds in order to pay their bills and make investments before doling out seller's pay......months later. The Internet is chock full of seller's complaints about this issue and I've gone to the federal trade commissioner twice and put in complaints. How this company keeps going like this, I have no idea since no one wants to associate with Amazon anymore as their reputation is catching up with them. If I didn't get orders, I would have walked away from Amazon months ago. But I am done now; I want Amazon to pay me what I am owed and then I want nothing more to do with them. Amazon treats everyone like dog *** in order to keep customers satisfied. Their warehouses are run like American slave factories and they show sellers no respect whatsoever. Until Amazon learns to conduct business the right way and change their unethical practices, I just want to collect my $1300 and tell Amazon where to shove off.
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Amazon supports fraudulent buyers

I sold my personal iphone 4 16gb on Amazon to this buyer by the name "elie Hermanos" claims the phone was not working so after multiple emails trying to help him he said no and sent it back. When I received the phone it was not the same one I shipped him , I hooked it up to itunes and it was a 32 gb with a broken screen. He filed an A to Z claim with Amazon, and even though I have receipts of the original phone when I bought it from AT&T that states its a 16 gb and a screen shot of itunes, Amazon still awarded this criminal with the claim. They are still waiting on me to send him a refund but quess what, he's not getting it. I closed my bank account etc. I work too hard for my money so some low life can steal it and on top of it all Amazon didnt care if I had proof or not. This is by far the worst experience I've had selling anything online. A to Z claims if you do research online is a way for fraudulent buyers to get free stuff and it's sad that Amazon doesn't back up the seller. Kathryn Hinshaw.
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Ditto for me. I had a guy who after six weeks made a false claim that I sold him a Playstation 4 the "looked like it had been used".

Yeah. That's because it was clearly listed in the used category as USED like new. Without warning, Amazon refunded him, and attempted to extort $415 from me and the buyer has "no obligation to return the merchandise. This is theft folks.

It's Amazon assisted theft.

Report this to the Better Business Bureau. If enough of us stand together, it sends a consistent message. It takes about ten minutes to file a claim.

By the way, Kudos for closing your bank account. Don't let them get by with theft.

For my part, it just so happened that an old credit card was still my billing card, so my credit card company is not allowing the transaction to go through. And if they try to use another card, I'll report the transaction as fraudulent.

Because it is. Do not let Amazon steal from you.


This is happening to me too!! Customers from overseas/international buyers are doing this.

They used shippers here in the US and then these shippers send the items to them in their countries and it seems Amazon is a breathing ground for them!! Then they file bogus claims with Amazon saying that they didn't get the right item or it was never delivered!!

And there is no where on Amazon to report these buyers!! BE WARN!!!

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