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Id have to cancel my membership today to get the $119 fee thats annual. My membership renewal is next month March 4 and will be the new increased amount!

If I cancel my membership, I have to start all over again and have a ton of subscriptions with my membership!!! Then, only to read it will not pick up where my subscriptions are presently now all be deleted plus interacting with past seller who sold me poorly made shoes! (Which am waiting for returned label)!!! The shoes that are crap and wrong size by the way no size marked on shoes like normal shoes plus other defectsthat came this week shoved inside my mailbox without a shoebox!!!

Plus, took 2 months to get! 2 sizes too small and made horribly! I am upset with that and only to find out I have to pay shipping again too, to return shoes!!! Crazy!

Now annual membership of Prime, is increasing price to $139 annually!

And am now stuck with that March 3! Damn right am upset!!!

Location: Sarasota, Florida

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For current members the increase doesn't go into effect until March 25th.