I recently triued to purchase something through Amazon and since Im not a frequent user it asked me to verify my password with an expiration of an old credit card. How would I remember the expiration of an old credit card??? Is't the typical password verification, favorite color or mothers maiden name - this is a joke and so is Amazon - STAY AWAY from ATLANTA!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Service.

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I’m having the identical problem. In addition, the representative found the matter very funny and started laughing at me.

I don't know what culture she is from, but after her laughing fit she switched to a garbled and incomprehensible version of what I guess passes for English. Solution: hire representatives who a) speak English, b) are based in the US and c) Amazon shoud not plkay the "this toilet seat has been sanitized for your protection”-game.


Literally all you have to do to fix this is send a quick e-mail to the customer service center and they will have a new account set up in seconds. You are awfully dramatic for a simple password fix. Alternatively, when you give someone you credit card number, don't be dumb enough to lose the password to access their site.