In defense of the driver there is no such address. He placed it on my porch.

I called to find out what I could do after using goggle maps and walking to find out what may have happened. Using goggle maps will place the driver dead in the middle of my street and I am the only house with a close address. Using this avenue to call Amazon was shocking as I am certainly not pissed just was unsure what to do with this package. Turns out the person who ordered the package had the wrong address for the intented party.

Anyhow I think Amazon delivery drivers do the best they can with what they are handling with the high volume expected to be delivered. The lady who took my call was fantastic in trying to help me. Over all I am not one to order off line but I love the customer service. The driver did the best he could.

I will make my numbets on the house more visible. Thank you.

Location: Lockport, New York

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