Uh yea... I still never received the mini Nintendo console I ordered for my son for Christmas...

the driver said he handed it to a resident which was a LIE because we still have not received it...never got the picture of it being delivered either, so no idea where it actually ended up...also the Chakra bracelets I ordered were supposed to be Christmas presents as well. I ordered 18... was sent 3. Reordered and was still sent 3, again the driver said he handed to a resident which was again a lie because it was put onto my neighbor's porch...

even after I opened the window saying thank you and to put it onto our side. Now they are currently unavailable...

I didn't have much money for Christmas this year and these orders being messed up, and not actually being able to talk to an actual person has me really frustrated. Will not be renewing my Amazon Prime membership (should have cancelled months ago) because quite frankly it is just a waste of money and the customer service is TERRIBLE

User's recommendation: It's inconvenient... but just go shopping... atleast you know you will have your stuff on time.

Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania

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