Ill start off by saying that Im only giving two stars because of the customer service sending me my refund back to my bank so quickly.

I had ordered a poly gel nail kit that said it was sent to usps to be delivered to my home. It was expected to be at my home by the 7th but I received a message to expect a delay.

Ive been tracking my package through usps and it said in transit to another facility even though it was in my usps location. The next stop should have been to my door. When i filed an inquiry to usps they told me that it has not been put up on the Amazon pallet delivered to the facility. I had to call customer service to figure out what had happened.

Amazon goes on to tell me that my package was sent to usps. At this point Im irritated because Im hearing two different stories from both amazon and usps. They told me initially that they could give me credit in Amazon. I objected and said that I would like an actual refund.

The gentleman sent the information over to his supervisor and I received the refund. He did say if it was delivered I didnt have to send it back due to the mess going on. I also asked if there was a possibility to get it sent via priority mail or if possible overnighted to my location. He then told me I would have to spend more money on getting that to happen with a no fee shipping.

In the end of it all I took my refund but this is one of those situations that could of been taken with more care. Instead I had a different story given to me in regard to the location of my package and lack of concern for the fact that i spent my hard earned money on a website that should have been honest with me on where my package was.

I dont know if I can even trust Amazon at this point. Thank goodness I removed my card after the transaction

Location: College Station, Texas

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