Ordered a Christmas present which said it was delivered to my front porch today December 17, 2021, but there's actually nothing delivered. I was a very big fan of Amazon products and their delivery, but to be honest, Amazon delivery sucks nowadays.

Almost every package that is delivered by Amazon Prime never reaches to the right address. Their delivery drivers sucked. Would be nice if Amazon actually works on hiring good drivers who know how to do their job sincerely rather than throwing packages at just random doors. This is an ongoing issue for months now, and it's sad that Amazon doesn't even do anything to fix this ongoing issues.

I've spent $1,000's on Amazon cause that's how much I loved to shop on Amazon, but now I can say Amazon is not reliable to shop at any more cause you know that even if you get the product at a good price, It won't get delivered at the right address, and it's not about getting a refund afterwards. It's about how we want the product in a timely manner, and Amazon is not reliable anymore.

Location: Sacramento, California

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