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I left specific instructions to call my cell phone when the package is delivered because theres tons of thieves in my area and I live in the house behind the house they leave my package at. Because my front yard is an alley way and doesnt have a street name.

So I left instructions to call me so I can explain how to get to where they need to drop off my package for me to be able to get it or at least know its there before someone walking down the street sees it on my neighbors front porch and takes it. Your delivery driver said they hand delivered it to a resident of 254 W 4th st Perris Ca 92570. But in reality they handed it to what they thought was a resident of 252 W 4th street which is the wrong address. And even worse the person they handed it to didnt even live in my house!!!

So please next time just follow the directions I take the time to write out. Its unfortunate that people are stealing from me but its easily avoidable of your drivers simply follow the specific instructions their given for how to deliver peoples mail.

Location: Perris, California

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