Roslindale, Massachusetts

Simple. I'm a college student. Came back for Christmas. Finally free from final exams and decided to order something off of Amazon for my brother. I ordered YuGiOh cards this past Saturday, the 21st. THE *** PRINT SAID IT WOULD ARRIVE BY THE 24TH. THAT'S THE ONLY REASON I ORDERED IT. IF I KNEW IT WOULDN'T ARRIVE BY TODAY, I *** WOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT IT.

Called Amazon up. They put the classic English-limited representative on the phone with me. Could barely understand what he was trying to say. Explained my situation to him. He tried calling some UPS place. Apparently gave up and then gave me their phone and told me to "call them yourself". Somehow, a representative came onto the line so it was a three-way phone call with the UPS place and Amazon. I started talking to the UPS representative. She couldn't help me, saying I should seek help from Amazon. I told her I was calling them at the moment and they told me to call UPS. I hollered for the Amazon guy only to find that he hung up the phone. *** coward.


Tl;dr. Amazon does not ship my Christmas item in time, destroying the heart and wishes of my dearest brother. And their customer service is beyond horrendous.

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I have a feeling that the reason they could barely understand what you were saying is because you are mentally retarded. This review proves my theory. It has nothing to do with their not being able to speak English.



I AM ON THE EXECUTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM, AND I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! :roll :cry :( :x :grin :)


You couldn't possibly know that. So, you either exaggerate

inappropriately or you're kissing someone's ***.

Not the best image for a company to project.


Are you taking Liberal arts or studying people skills cause you sound like a great Democrat in the works.


No, Just Being Honest.


Than you wont make a good democrat.


Maybe a coward, I don't know. BUT, coward or not, Amazon Customer Service reps do simply hang up if they don't know how to handle your complaints. Asking the rep to let you talk to his or her Supervisor results in the rep saying something like " NOT NO, BUT H*** NO".


Sign up for ups my choice. They alerted me first thing Christmas Eve to tell me that Amazon never got the box to them.

That my order would not be delivered by Christmas.

THANK YOU UPS! OTherwise, I would have been waiting and waiting,ever hopeful...SO I had a backup plan.


@raindrops: Yes, thanks for telling me to order earlier. I'm not ***. I know I should order earlier. But see, I don't just sit around and do nothing. I have work and school. After I went back to school from Thanksgiving break, I literally had one week of classes and then a week of final exams before coming back for Christmas. I had literally no time to just sit there lazily on Amazon deciding what he wanted for Xmas. And yeah, it is the 24th, but the package is in Kentucky so it's not gonna arrive today.

@anon1: I realize that it's a busy time for UPS and for all delivery services and online marketplaces. I forgot to mention it in my initial report, but like I said above, the package was in Kentucky this morning and just arrived. And thanks for the advice regarding Amazon credit.

@anon2: Hmm, sounds like a good idea. If only I had the time. The thing is, yes, I had the gall to blame it on other people, but that's because I was guaranteed a date that it would arrive by. I accept your blaming me for not planning nicely, but Amazon SHOULD NOT guarantee delivery if it's not guaranteed. Why say something when it's not true? That's what I'm really pissed about. Less so the fact that the package didn't arrive. And yeah, wasn't his fault, but his service wasn't so grand either. Regarding tracking, I know the package just arrived in Kentucky this morning so there was no way it would be here in time. Sorry I didn't write that onto the initial post. I realize what you said about manners. And yes, I'm in college. But you'll recognize that I did have my reasons.


Next time maybe you should try ordering MORE THAN FOUR DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

I mean good lord, you are irresponsible enough to leave your Christmas shopping so late and then you have the gall to blame it on other people when it doesn't all go as planned?

Take some responsibility and learn to plan better.

And a word of advice: it's not the customer service associate's fault that your package hasn't arrived. Don't be such a *** to them. Besides, if you try being nice maybe they'd be willing to do more to help you at least track your package. Manners go a long way. If you really are in college then you are old enough to have learned that lesson a long time ago.


Amazon assured that the items would be delivered before Christmas.I mean "GOOD LORD" (your words), if Amazon made that assurance, then it WAS AMAZON'S FAILURE WHEN IT DID NOT ARRIVE AS AMAZON SAID. Good Lord, indeed!

I mean, really, "GOOD MANNERS" requires one to be decent when responding to another. Maybe YOU learned that lesson a long time ago, but forgot it?




Not Amazon’s fault. It’s UPS’s fault. Read here:


Hey might still come... every order from every company I made staring 10 days ago has been late, wrong or just not shipped.

It still may come tonight... I hope so. Any shipping can be refunded. Ask for it.

In fact ask for an Amazon credit.

They will do it. Doesn't make up for no gift but takes the sting out a little.


Wow maybe you should have

1. order earlier

and today if you haven't noticed today is the 24th (all us time Zones)