I made a large order, books, & received all but 1. It was suppose to be delivered Monday, 1/3 & yesterday evening I received a text was running late & might arrive the 4th or 5th.

I need it by the 4th at the latest cause need it for study begins Wednesday. Called few numbers for customer service & kept stating wrong number & to live chat or email. Found out my book is at a distribution center across the river from me; about 30 minutes from my house. So I live chat & asked if I can pick up package or could it be delivered 1/4.

Texted back that they need to connect me to an expert & fill out a formcost $1.00 is refundable & they will text me an answer. Paid with PayPal & waited few minutes & looked at PayPal & AMAZON live chat had connected me to JustAnswer & charged $29 (stated something about a lawyer will text me). Called a 3rd number & customer service helped me with the first problem. Then I explained what happened & she couldnt help me cause not in Amazon system.

Got disconnected & called JustAnswer & they refunded my money. They & Amazon worker knew I was furious-tone of voice, but still respectful with words. Dont know what kind of game/scam going on, but I wanted to talk with a person.then to charge me $29 to ask 2 questions & to a lawyer??!!!??? And this was through your companyAMAZON live chatwhat a joke!

Also, you should not list numbers for customer service only to be told wrong number & to live chat or email.

This is listed online under Amazon Customer Service! But I do appreciate the worker who talked with delivery so I can receive the book today, 1/4.

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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