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I contacted the issuer of my charge card and they resolved the problem.

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0n 02-07-2014 I placed an order totaling $42.88 with Amazon for 4 items.They charged me twice initially for $42.88 and then 5 hours later put a 2nd charge thru for $10.95.That made the total amount come to $53.83 for a $42.88 purchase.I called their customer service department and spoke with Raquel,she attempted to explain that the first charge was not actually a charge.I didn't buy that as I had a notice from my credit card company that 2 purchases had been made on my credit card.She then transferred me to Joel W. and he told me that the first entry was just an authorization and not a charge like the credit card company had advised.I checked with my credit card company and they again advised that 2 purchases had been made against my card by Amazon.com.I have made many purchases over the years from Amazon.com and until recently I had been very satisfied with them.I will now do business elsewhere due to their trying to nickle and dime me in hopes that I wouldn't notice the 2nd charge.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Location: Guymon, Oklahoma

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amazon he over charge me im paying just only $17 but he get my cridet for $41 ..what wrong of that over charge me...


A few days ago I bought a product totaling $242 as a gift for my mother. Trying to stay away from credit cards, I used my debit card.

I now have one $242 charge and another $242 charge 'pending'.

So I had to move a couple of due bills out until the phantom charge drops off to keep from going negative. Obviously had I known this would happen I'd have not used that card, I'd never seen this double charge before and it's unfortunate it was on a large purchase.


Same thing just happened to me. In fact, I have noticed this behavior in the past.


As if amazon doesn't make enough money. If my charge is for $50 then take $50, not $61.79.


I just looked at my Amazon card order history and was dramatically overcharged on at least a couple things. I bought a Roku for $29.88, plus S&H and tax.

The charge on my card was $173.75.Another item I bought, priced at $13.99, was charged at $52.16. These are only the most shocking and obvious overcharges; I can only imagine what others there are, that I'll only discover by combing over my bill and my orders.This looks pretty shifty; what kind of business has Amazon become?


I have recently noticed being double charged for the amount of my transaction, now, recently, every single time. My bank calls it a holding fee.

My opinion is to earn interest on overcharges in the millions each and every day.

I myself will consider losing Amazon and go with PayPal going forward. This opinion of mine is protected under free speech and is no way intended to defame Amazon or any of the previous good business practices I have experienced in purchasing from them previously.


The same thing happened to me.


Apparently Amazon has changed their policies recently and now preauthorize payment by withholding the full amount of your purchase for 7 - 10 business days while also charging you the full amount of your purchase. This results in a double charge for 7 - 10 business days.

If your purchase total is high, this could wipe out your entire bank account for 7 - 10 business days.

This is not a repost or a share, this happened to me, this week, and I've researched it and found out it's happening to a lot of people.

Please feel free to share.

Sara L

Ridiculous complaint. You clearly don't understand how pending authorizations work.

You really think Amazon was somehow trying to charge you twice, hoping you wouldn't notice? Paranoid much?

@Sara L

Read Dawn's comment below

@Sara L


"The Better Business Bureau" has issued a national alert...warning consumers about a new credit card scam.

The organization is urging Americans to check their credit and debit cards for unexplained charges of 9-dollars and 84-cents.

apparently thieves think they can get away with charging thousands of cards smaller amounts.

the B-B-B says if you find small... unexplained charges on your card...report them and get a new card.


About a year ago I did a lot of shopping on amazon . I made a purchase from a buyer that never was received but they charged my credit card for it anyway.

Instead of putting the funds back on my card they waited close to 5 weeks and then decided to give me a credit which I could only purchase amazon items and it was limited on what u can buy directly from the amazon store .

I haven't been back since ! Horrible experience !


All of You should see what comes up on the screens of the p.c.'s when you call.You would be shocked.If you call 2 or 3 times a year they may have a caption such as Complainer or if you have never called before it will be based on if you have a store card and then it would pop up good buyer.But all that is out the window if you have called with complaints.I wont get into some of the other things that are written if you call a lot.I have been limiting my purchases (I don't like being labeled).