I bought 2 Tovlla Jr cooking and baking kits for 69.95 which I thought was really high to begin with, but decided to go with the high end kits since they were for my granddaughters birthdays. When I got the delivery notification, I noticed they were 79.95 and called Amazon right away and said you people overcharged me 10.00 apiece for these kits!

The guy I talked to said they went up in price in the short period of time I was looking and checked out or something along that line. Really???? He said the pricing people couldn't do anything about it. They're now 69.95 again and if I want that price I need go send them back and reorder.

Again really!! Do you price change that frequently? I'm a good Amazon customer and all this for 20.00 from a billion dollar company. I'm not sending my granddaughters gifts back and reordering for 20.00.

Plus, their birthdays are in 2 days. That's why I'm a not so happy customer!

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

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