I placed a order using a 10.00 gift card then payed 16.99 remaining after the the gift card and then they came back and charged my card the full price for the same item and then came this morning and charged my card 14.16 and I asked for the monthly payment not to be taken out at all and you all done it anyway. Im really just want a refund for $.26.99 and $.14.16 but if you cant.

You should refund all my money and that total should be $.68.14. Marco the rep was a great help. Waiting on my call back for tomorrow. If it doesnt work out tomorrow Im going to be pissed.

I am a Amazon member that pays her monthly fee every month and dont use the account that much. I like the company but I Im not liking the situation.

Ms. LaTanya Campbell and I Am Pissed Off

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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