I am used to ordering what I need unabated. In this case I tried to order 4 Pipe Jack stands with V heads but was limited to 3.

To get around this aggravation I Ordered1 Pipe Jack Stand V head separately, by its self to make up the 4 I need.

Amongst other things the intended use for the 4 Pipe V Head Jack Stand is to hold up my Dodge C 500 LCF Truck Frame off the Ground, so I can: 1. Work on it without having to bend over or fight the dirt,

2 Attach my truck frame to my Auto Rotisserie for cleaning and painting,

3 to change out my old Axles for the newer ones I'm installing with Power steering and Disk Brakes.

I reserved an e-mail stating that I would not get my Pipe Jack stand head, That I would get a refund of my money some 67 plus dollars redeposited back in to my bank account,. As of this morning I have not yet seen this posted in my account and I have not reserved my pipe Jack stand V head.

This is creating a series safety hazard for me as I cannot safely balance my Truck frame on 3 Stands. This is creating a very serious safety hazard for my 14-year-old Son and my 7-year-old Daughter playing in our yard!

Where's my explanation, my Mony or my part.


Ray King

Location: Delta, Colorado

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