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just utterly disappointing. 10year customer, $20,000 spent over last 4-5 years.

My return was received by you on 3-20-17 in the late PM. It was all sent in ONE box because i received ONE rml.. most of the order was refunded, 17 remain with the status of "Your refund will be processed when we receive your item." This is not the case as all items were in the box.. reached out to support first on 3-27-17 and got the runaround and felt like i was being accused of lying about the returns..

made a few snark comments.. felt uncomfortable after that with talking on the phone as i should not feel intimated talking to a AMAZON representative. So my next commutation was via chat. i explained the situation and was told that it was resolved before i could respond to explain how he did not understand what i was saying..

instantly started a new chat only this time i had the convo sent to me via email when done for my record.. long story short... was told will be contacted 3-4 days then after giving more info then was told would be contacted 24-48 hrs.. now a week later i have to start a new chat b/c NO ONE EVER CONTACTED ME.

the rep today asked me questions that i already answered in the previous chat and i told him to refer to the previous chat.. kept on having to copy and paste whole sections of the previous chat to give him answers b/c i guess he cant do that.. was told by the agent today that the agent i talked to last week didn't do what said.. NOTHING WAS DONE.

if i was to keep on waiting nothing would have been done. so he asked me to be patienent and give him a week to figure this out.. this is after i waited a week already for last contact. asked to talk to manager and then got asked the same questions and told him to refer to previous conversations.

and asked him if i needed him to copy and paste it. i was told NO just was asked the date.. then started to ask me questions again that i answered last chat.. copy and pasted it and then he thanked me for that info...

when a few min before he said he didn't want that.. long story short im still waiting on the rest of the return in the form of a AMAZON GIFT CARD. worst part is that i sent it out on the 13th so its almost been a month..

if there was any issues with the return there was a long window for it to be addressed.. i truly feel valued.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $560.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Call your Credit Card or bank. They will do a chargeback usually, especially if you say you feel it's fraud.

(They seem to appreciate that specific word.) Just because a company is as big as Amz doesn't mean they can get away with random ripoffs of customers.

People forget that VISA card will go to bat for you when rich bullies pull {{Redacted}} like this. Good luck to you-- report back how it turns out.