Ordered Christmas gifts with prime on December 17 and all gifts were to arrive Dec 19 to 20th. Now none of the gifts will be here before the 27th and all but one item was still listed in stock and to arrive before the 25th, yesterday, the 20th.

My order is now separated into 5 orders, from 2, and all expected to arrive after Christmas. I've spoken with customer service several times and they all state, "everything is in stock, I don't understand".

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Why is it okay for Amazon Prime to even list it that way? It is not true! And good luck getting anyone there to care.


You didn't allow enough time for shipping. You waited until too close to Christmas.

The vaunted "guaranteed delivery" and "2 day Prime shipping" is not really accurate, especially during the Christmas rush. It is what it is.


When it says you will receive before Christmas upon ordering it, they should stick to it, or expedite shipping to accomplish what you expected from what they published on their website. We pay premium price for "AMAZON PRIME" and therefore should expect to see it on time.


When they claim you can order with prime up until the 23rd and can't get a single item to you ordered the 17th, thats false advertising


h.kitchener, you are clearly a shill for Amazon or someone who works with the company. Why do you spend all your time here at PC dismissing any complaints about Amazon no matter what?