I ordered Christmas present for my daughter and it was supposed to arrive two days before Christmas I never got an email saying it would be delivered I spoke to Amazon and be there about 10 p.m. it wasn't she's very this morning on Christmas morning medical Monday to speak to Amazon again and I told me that UPS had lost my package and they would have to reorder it and it would take a little longer for this present to arrive he promised that it would be here that Thursday and today is that Thursday and it has not arrived so I had to call Amazon back again they said that it would be here tomorrow well I've heard tomorrow a million times and I told customer service that and he told me to wait till then I asked if they could issue a coupon or the money off my purchase considering it was almost two weeks late or anything you can do to help and they said no not till tomorrow and I'm very disappointed I would appreciate if someone could resolve this issue because it's a $70 tablet but I didn't get for Christmas I still haven't gotten yet and I'm a single mom of three children I would really appreciate if someone from Amazon would recognize that and reach out helping me with this issue Amazon is a big company anyting going to be appreciated consider nothing has been other than telling me to be tomorrow when tomorrow is never came I apologize for being so upset but considering I didn't get my kid president time or even got it yet and I keep promising her and I feel like she thinks that I'm not going to deliver because they wasn't that delivered so please help me resolve this issue in any way possible thank you very very much

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Ripped off.

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