I started looking at items putting them in the shopping cart tried to purchase those items I was not referred to a different delivery address compared to the billing address I called in to customer service and found out they said that the order wasnt even placed OK no problem I went to go try to place it again and it looked like the other order went through Im broke and I definitely cant afford purchasing everything twice as a Christmas present for where its going to but the customer service rep was so so incredibly helpful I think I got the same rep twice when I had to call back once the order was placed another situation but he was absolutely magnificent and he was able to keep me incredibly calm which was wonderful Im freaking out since its a couple days before Christmas and Im broke but Amazon always comes through for you my rep was absolutely wonderful he deserves a total pat on the back from management he was very very wonderful and Im glad that I think I was with the same wrapped twice he is great rep to have on your team

Location: Mundelein, Illinois

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