I ordered a full/queen size metal headboard from Mainstay once in October and December. The vendor contacted me to indicate that the October order item was the last one in inventory and damaged so they were cancelling the order.

The vendor contacted me recently on the December order to tell me they thought they had one in inventory and much to their surprise there were none in inventory. The vendor should have just been honest and indicate they dont deliver to my chosen location as I see the statement currently unavailable for items to be shipped to my address in Puerto Rico while I Can order the same item and receive it no problems at my USA state addresses.

Maybe its time for Amazon to have a website just dedicated to Puerto Rico as others (IKEA.PR, Walmart.PR, Directtv.PR, Sears.PR) have done to avoid these frustrations for interested buyers.

So, many times I order to my USA state address and then put in my suitcase when I travel to PR (which fortunately is frequent).

Thank you and have a great day.

Luiggi Campaña

Prime Member


Location: Providence, Rhode Island

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