Thanks for the opportunity to further communicate.

My concern is with order # 112-097****-0758617.

What I received when this order arrived was a completely different chair covered in fabric and with out ottoman it was called a comfort chair perhaps by same manufacturer. Since I had been shopping for the Bergen recliner by MacMotion for some time this was surely a disappointment.

As far as refund goes that happened in a proper and timely manner.

I spoke to a representative and he was able to award me a $28 gift certificate as a small recompense. I had suggested something more substantial like a free year of Amazon Prime, but he was not able to grant that request.

What I would really like most is to be able to buy the chair in the color I wanted at or near price listed when it becomes available.

Thanks for your efforts in this challenging time.

Barry Shapiro 303 443 ****

Location: Boulder, Colorado

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