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Someone went into my account at took 23.00 dollars out with out my approval. Yes I got my money back but I had to take time out twice to deal with this matter.

I should have got more then my refund back especially if I never had ordered the items. They stated I wanted it taken out every month which is not true. I only wanted the item one time. I just don't understand how they can go and take money out of my account without my okay.

Then I had to take out time of my busy schedule to deal with it twice and all I get is what you took out of my bank.

I should have received something else. You took money from me without me giving the okay.

Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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You probably clicked on something when you did the order. Certain items that are consumable have the option for you to order on a specific time line.

None of these are automatic. You had to of clicked on it or ordered from the specific place for consumables. I have never made this mistake. It is pretty simple to tell.

You messed up as this not automatically applied when it is an Amazon item ship and fulfilled. You only get your money back for your mistake.

Also, you agreed to have it shipped monthly,. It is not like some things when you order you agree to a subscription.