AP hit my account this month and caused $100 in overdraft fees to rack up.

I was sure I read that it would cost me only $10 or so to keep it monthly.

They must have buried that opt-out yearly charge of $99 so that they could do this world-wide.

What a scam!

I got the refund of $88, but by then the damage had been done. My bank will not refund the OD fees and I am seething.

I will get my money back one way or another.

Steal from me? You'll get what you deserve.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Reason of review: Deceptive Trade Practices.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Store Location: Collinsville, Oklahoma

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If you overdraft your account due to an $88 charge you have more problems than just with Amazon.


Normally I find your reparte witty and funny. You missed the mark here, in tough times (and yes they are still around, despite what the MSM tells us) it's tough to bounce back sometimes from a charge that we aren't expecting.

I have money to keep my household going but I don't always keep it in a bank - mainly because I don't trust them. Remember they were the ones that caused this whole mess back in 2008.