The decision of Amazon to contract with OnTrac is an insult to previously loyal customers who were willing to pay extra for better service and instead have received only terrible, unreliable service that clearly violates the contract of the Prime shipping service.

When contacted, OnTrac told me they had altered my shipping date and did not yet consider my order to be late - which it clearly was since I paid for Prime shipping and the date had passed. Apparently, the actual contractual date is meaningless. It is after 7:30 pm, the third day after my order and, if I stay home and if the lights on my porch are on (I don't have a porch) and if meet the driver at the door, I could have my package after 8:00 tonight.

What, in any of that, is customer service? Apparently I am paying extra for worse service than the standard post office.

Is this the plan all along? Bait and switch??? Bait with the service I could have if I pay extra, but (switch!) here's the service I get. Since Amazon already has your money and will make it hellish for you to try and end your contract and regian any funds, what do they care at this point?

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $34.

Store Location: Portland, Oregon

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NO STARS! On TRAC stinks and is an Unreliable carrier. Dangerous drivers, tossing packages in the middle of the driveway late at night, too lazy to walk up to the front door allowing thieves to steal your holiday presents.

Amazon needs to reevaluate this contract and get anyone else!

Buyers beware, if you buy from Amazon, be sure to track daily and don't be surprised if your stuff gets stolen.


I agree: OnTrac is really awful. Lying about delivery is not acceptable! They have caused me to shift me away from Amazon to other sources for my products.


How can you give ZERO STARS to a *** corp. neighbor?

This company is parking its commercial vehicles in Alameda in residential areas!

They have two vans on the street on the 900 block of Santa Clara in Alameda right now, talking up three spaces in an area with tight parking.

Many of our residents are elderly or infirm and are forced to drag their groceries down the street. Your a COMMERCIAL business - obtain legal parking.

Get it gone NOW and stop being a *** neighbor.


Amazon just lost my Prime member due to their contracting with Ontrac. I almost never get my packages delivered when they're sent via Ontrac and when I do they're at least a day late.


Ontrac is the reason I will not renew my Prime membership.


Ontrac definitely is a lower quality delivery service than Fedex, UPS or USPS. All three of those deliver packages to my door. Only Ontrac leaves them at the mailbox at the street where any passerby can help themselves.

Being an Amazon Prime customer isn't what it used to be.


Ordered a couple of books from Amazon to be delivered next-day. Checked the tracking this morning and it said the delivery was delayed due to the driver attempting to deliver, but nobody was home, which is Lie #1.

I work from home and my desk is about 3 steps from the door. Due to deadlines, I've not left the house in 2 days. I called ontrac and the rep said the driver left a door tag: Lie #2. He then said he'd call the driver's supervisor to find a solution--hmmm...the supervisor isn't answering the phone.

A call to Amazon brought nothing but apologies. Still no package or any indication of when they'll show up.

Do. Not.

Use. :(


This was my first time a package of mine was being delivered to my house. I paid extra money to get it in one day.

Everything was going fine when around 8:30pm I realized I haven't gotten my order. So I called Amazon and they transferred me to talk to someone from ONTRAC and turned out that they attempted to deliver the package but they couldn't because they needed a gate code for my apartment. I don't live in an apartment, I live in a house. Yeah, the guy sounded pretty embarrassed and *** after I said that.

Now, I am wondering where the heck they went to if they "attempted" to deliver my package. Now I am not getting it until tomorrow and I need it by Friday. Worst experience ever!! Amazon ended up giving me a refund on the extra money I paid for shipping.

UGH!!! Good thing I called!!!

I better get my package tomorrow or else I am going to be furious!!! :(


My strategy with Amazon Prime and OnTrac shipping: Place an order for something that I don't need immediately. When it ships via OnTrac, wait for it to be late (8:00pm 2nd day) and cancel the order with Amazon for being late.

Rinse and repeat.

It is the classic penny wise, pound foolish move by Amazon, which is a shame. It will end up costing them much more in the long-term by treating their preferred customers this way.


Yeah I tried that but they could delay your shipment until the day before your scheduled delivery. Then they would use OnTrac anyway.


Today was first time my package was was to be delivered by OnTrac and it says it was delivered at 7:26am, left at the door. I work from home, no one knocked this am or rang a bell.

I got my milk this morning but this package is missing. OnTrack says it was delivered.

I wish Amazon would stop using them, very unreliable company & I just don't want to spend half a day calling different numbers being placed on hold for my package.


:( I been having such a tormenting time with Ontrac they are rude there manager's are complete hateful people there delivery service is never on time. I talked to Amazon about this problem I do support Amazon's kindness but I wish they never had Ontrac with there premium service.

I even went to the ER because my back locked up due to the stress and I didn't sleep all night ether.

So for now on I'm going to just do 1 day shipping Ontrac is a terrible delivery company I 2 even tryed calling there claims service line but they just hang up. So Ontrac thank you for the hellish experience


I hate Ontrac period they like to hold my packages when I order them fro

Amazon I tried talking to a supervisor but he turns out to be a complete

*** . This has happened more then once and I think that company should

Be put out of business period there customer service is rude and always mean to me.

There delivery guys seem like they are always mad about something and take there anger out on me. I'm done screwing around with them I think Ontrac and burn and go to hades I really do.


Ontrac said my package was delivered to my front door. I was home all day nothing was delivered.

Because I needed what I ordered for a customer I immediately contacted the seller to place a claim and to get a second unit shipped. Low an behold OTrac delivered the supposedly delivered package the next day. Too late for me to cancel the shipment of the second purchase. Now I am waiting for the second purchase to arrive so I can refuse it.

It was out for delivery yesterday Now it says no one was home which is total BS was here the whole time. The drivers lie about what is going on. This company sucks I will do everything I can do to avoid using them.

Also I tried calling the ontrac claims line and you get voice mail only and they never returned the call. :(


I am infuriated after dealing with their customer service rep! I opted in for the 2 day Amazon Prime shipping and was confused when I saw that it would be shipped through OnTrac.

I had to call them b/ I live in a complex and sometimes deliveries aren't made to my door b/, for security reasons (my husband is in the military) our last name is not posted on the outside of the building. I called to make sure that the driver would be informed of this and the rep said to me, "so I'm supposed to write this novella to a driver?" EXCUSE ME? YES! I paid for my shipping and my husband is serving your country for your freedom to speak like that!

Then he tells me that my package won't even reach a driver until Monday, 5 days after placing my order which, according to Amazon was guaranteed in 2 days! Whatever deal Amazon has with OnTrac, it can't be worth the hassle and frustrated customers.


OnTrac should rename themselves as OnCrack. I'm completely stunned that Amazon trusts its reputation to this company. I buy thousands of dollars worth of Amazon merchandise every year, for more than 10 years now, and the ONLY time I've had difficulty with delivery is when it's sent via OnCrack.

This week's installment of the ongoing OnCrack soap opera: 600 dollar item ordered from Amazon, supposed to be delivered on Monday. Monday comes and goes, no package. Tuesday, their tracking site says it's on the truck "out for delivery." Office closes at 5pm (BIG SIGN on the front of the building, saying office hours are 9am-5pm). Tuesday night, their site says they "attempted delivery" at 6:40pm even though there were people manning the front desk until 9pm, no package. A call to Amazon says, "we'll look into it for you." Yeah, right.

Wednesday, same Crack, different day. It's "out for delivery" on their truck, but this time they show up at 5:40 (according to their site), and no package. Again, people manning the front desk, lights on, clearly visible until 8:45pm.

Long story short: Thursday, after threatening a call to a friend in the state Attorney General's office to investigate deceptive practices of OnCrack, and no less than six phone calls to their office and Amazon, it finally gets delivered. Promised Monday, delivered under threat on Thursday afternoon.

This company is either the most stunningly incompetent delivery firm on the planet, or they're just lying to cover their behinds. Either way, Amazon should seriously reconsider their relationship with these yahoos.


Yeah... this is true!

Ontrac is ***.

They make No Attempt to actually deliver TO the end consumer... they just wimp out and leave it at the front desk... Every.Time!

This, also, means that they do not take the time to come to the apartments to actually INFORM us that our package is even on the premises somewhere!! ugh!




OnTrac is a disgrace. The driver didn't even attempt to deliver to my office, instead he left the package OUTSIDE the lobby door of our office building, in plain sight where anyone could have walked away with it.

Worse thing is that our office is on the 1st floor, so he wouldn't have even had to bother with stairs or an elevator. Really, Ontrac?


I attempted to have a nikon camera and a greasing kit for work delivered from amazon. After waiting three days for the last package I was unfortunate enough to have ontrac handle, only to have it arrive late and tampered with (apparently not anything of value to the driver, as it actually eventually arrived) I was nervous about having ontrac appear as the carrier. I called them several times, my fiance spent all day on the phone calling, and I interrogated everybody in the office of the luxury condo with a doortag that was on my door saying that the package was in the office.

The tracking information said front door, so when I got out of work today I drove to their shipping facility and walked right in as apparently their door lock malfunctioned. They were more concerned with how I got in than finding my camera. I repeatedly asked for the driver responsible for my package and they would not give me his name, just 863. I did however manage to grab the manager's card with cell phone number off a desk.

I called again after leaving, with nothing to show for driving out near salt lake airport but a politely reworded go f yourself, and talked to a lady in their pheonix office. Then I called the general manager of the salt lake facility and screwed up his friday night, warning him of how I treat people who steal from me. He was nice. An hour or two later I get a call telling me that nobody left a doortag (funny as it says ontrac and I have it right here) and that the package was misdelivered 2.5 miles away. That guy was Jim, he was gruff and dismissive.

I called amazon and said that if they want to keep customers they would never use ontrac again, and never to let them touch any of my purchases again. I also requested a refund, not worth the trouble and delay.

The sad thing is that this is their drivers that are at fault, I have installed package handling systems at tnt and ups and fedex facilities, great people. They need to pay and demand more or just shut down.


this company has run over a water pipe and sped off, leaving my long driveway flooded. No note, only my neighbor to tell what occurred.

6months later they knock over my address post, again no note, but my neighbor to inform me.