ONTRAC has screwed up again with an item from Amazon that I really need in two days. Beides previous late deliveries in the past this one was never delivered as they claimed!!

I have been paying for Prime service for almost three years and spend thousands with Amazon every year and this is how I am treated?!?!?!? Even USPS is better at actually delivering a package than this joke of a company.

Come on Amazon dump these clowns now!! If you won't use UPS or FedEX then refund my prime membership fee.

Who is ONTRAC anyway? Does anyone know?

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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ONTRAC recently dropped off a package in the driveway behind our car in the garage. Wife

backed out and partially crushed the box .

Contents barely survived. Very unhappy with ONTRAC delivery service .

Ami E

Same thing happened to me. Ordered something from Amazon and the tracking info says it was delivered and even signed for at my front door by OnTrac yesterday.

I also have two dogs that go ballistic whenever someone comes into our yard and they were at peace all day yesterday like your dogs were when they supposedly delivered to your house. And I for sure know I didn't sign for any mail the other day nor did any of my neighbors.

I contacted OnTrac and if they don't resolve this I'm contacting Amazon and I don't care which one of them does it but I am getting either my package OR my money back. I have never had a negative experience with Amazon before this and I buy stuff from them quite often.


The delivery company Ontrac claims to have delivered my items to my front door. I had someone at home waiting to receive that delivery.

I also have a dog that goes ballistic whenever a stranger approaches the house,so we always know when someone is at the door. By all accounts, no one delivered a package to my home today and my dog was at peace all day long. Because of this error, Christmas is ruined for one our family members.

The driver is supposed to show up here tomorrow to tell me to my face that he delivered my package before starting an investigation. In the meantime, we have no money or time to replace what was lost, and while Ontrac will undoubtedly have to pay to replace those items, there remains damage that cannot be undone because Ontrac ruined Christmas.STOP USING ONTRAC