Part of my order was delivered on time. The other part said sorry running late.

When I tracked the late item said picked up Thursday... as of yesterday still no item. Called ups and they said package isnt in there system. After 40min and putting in security code to get to right person he sent a second security notification.

When asked accept or deny would make me re sign in then back to accept or deny. He obviously was sending the wrong code are security whatever.. told me I had to call back. Now Ive been on the phone for over a hour and he hangs up.but wait it gets better.

I call back. Anther 25min. Get very polite understanding girl. Wow no second security notification.

So she says your absolutely correct only 1/2 your order shipped. Ill cancel and resend and youll get item tomorrow.

2 min later getting emails to return the item that I NEVER received. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!AngryAngry

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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