The seller really dropped the ball-after my call to you on Sunday the seller was suppose to contact me within 24-48 hrs- never did. It was after that when I went to return the totes with Amazon the seller quick contacted me

We set up a day-April29 from 9am-6pm that they would swap out the lids.

No one ever showed up!! So I requested to Amazon that I return 1 box with the lids that dont fit.

The seller quickly emailed me again and asked to set up another day to swap the lids- no way!!

So Amazon let me return the whole box and exchange for another just like it.

To my surprise, the whole amount I paid for 2 sets of totes is being return, and I should be getting a replacement for the bad box.

Im very pleased with Amazon standing behind me and checking in on this matter. Thank you so much!

Hopefully the replacement box will be all right.

Thanks again.

User's recommendation: Great product, great buy.There could be some improvement with customer service with the seller.

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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