I've been a happy Amazon consumer up until this year. The majority of my purchases are well over the $25 mark, are stocked by Amazon AND qualify for free shipping - but that's not the problem. The problem is how Amazon is now trying to screw with customers who utilize the Super Saver Free Shipping by intentionally delaying the release & shipment of those orders. So you mean to tell me that Amazon doesn't make enough money on the product that they have to now purposely delay Free Shipping orders in order to sway customers to upgrade their shipping to a paid method so they can make more money. I'm not talking about a faster shipping method as the shipment type would be the same, it's delays on Amazon's end that are at hand. For over 10 years I've not encounterd problems, this seems to be something they started doing end of 2010/early 2011.

So they receive my order on a Sunday from me & don't ship that item (which shows as in their stock) until the following Monday a week later because I selected Free Shipping - enough of the games, that's just inexcusable!!

They should just "MAN UP" and eliminate the Free Shipping option and reduce their shipping charges across the board since they'll then be getting income for ALL orders they ship out...

Don't think I'm going to be using Amazon anymore, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Location: Hartford, Connecticut

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I ordered via a third party. Amazon would not release the third party to allow shipping by listing the item as "payment pending". The item was paid by an existing gift card on Amazon and funds available on that gift card reflected the cost of the item having been deducted on the day of order.

If that is not purposeful delay what would you call it?


I googled "is amazon intentionally delaying shipping" and came across this site. Amazon used to ship items right away, but now delay at least a week.

One my most recent order it is two weeks. On the other hand, USPS used to take longer to ship items, now it takes just a couple of days. When I see my items--that are in stock--just sitting in their warehouse, I try to cancel the order ("not guaranteed"), then I search until I find a way to email them. Vendors tend to speed up their orders if you contact them.

(Amazon treats them very badly and they are afraid of bad reports, so they may expedite your order. I won't cause them to spend extra on shipping again.) Amazon seems to be "punishing" me for my frequent emails asking about my orders. The most recent order (in-stock) from the get go said it would not ship for two weeks. I was also overcharged, but saw I had an extra $10 "point/bonus/something" from Amazon with no explanation.

It is confusing when you note how much your order was and then get credit card charges for varying amounts--especially when they do not add up to the total. Amazon is attempting to coerce those who use free shipping to sign up for Amazon Prime.

So what if the USPS has improved their services and sends packages more quickly, that does not mean Amazon should downgrade theirs!


Absolutely, they delay shipment on purpose to try to force you to buy prime membership. I ordered my HDD on the first and the delivery date was the 6th and 6th night I get an email saying it has been shipped.


I've been a customer of Amazon for years now. I just ordered a $65 item and it qualified for free shipping.

I am far from wealthy i.e. a uni student barely making it. I placed an order last Friday (it is now Thurs.) and the package has been sitting in a warehouse 1.5 hrs away from me since Tues. 10pm.

Amazon says delivery on Saturday which apparently they plan on keeping to. I am going to contact both Amazon and other business (one I bought my item from) to complain. If Amazon cared enough to remember the very element that got their business rolling along (their customers) then they could send my stuff via USPS Priority Mail!

I just sent an item across the country via USPS Priority Mail two-days ago and it is already in the destination city!!!

Not very happy and am actually looking forward to complaining to both companies!


Amazon is definitely delaying shipment. There's no predesignated mark on the purchase, heck I bought $400+ and they delay the packaging for 2 days before it's shipped.

The actual shipment only took 1 day to get to me.

I only wish that the wall street billionaires invest another competitor to Amazon to provide competitive service and balance the market. Amazon's banking so much money in China that they're loosing focus, just like McDonalds.


Amazon really sucks, I had to chat with Amazon just to get my products delivered on Saturday once I knew they were intentionally holding the package. Their status started from preparing shipment for at least two days (Wednesday-Friday), and that's when I knew Amazon is playing games.

I had to pay an additional $11 just to have it delivered quicker than expected.

After my last order comes in, I'm going back to 'mom and pop' shops and their online stores and pay their shipping costs. The *** with Amazon and their stockholders.


So what happened to the persons/person who have been coming to this site for months posting their outrage at anyone who dare mention when Amazon screws up? Amazon cut their hours?


And lets' put the blame on deceptive shipping practices that go unchecked on the Amazon site as well. Seemingly Amazon could easily catch who is doing it.

I had a tracking for a package that sent via DHL. With the end of the expected delivery date looming near I checked the tracking info. It had been sitting in a town about 250 miles from my house for 72 hours, which raised a red flag. It arrived post latest delivery by the local postman.

DHL packages have a substation less than 3 miles from my house. I live in a very urban area however I guess, DHL does not do delivery to. The shipper should of know of the problem, and Amazon could of easily checked but neither bothers.

From Amazon the only thing you know about their delivery is that you get it, when you get it.

Amazon or a best seller, in an effort to squeeze the most profit out of your purchase shipping cost is one of the ways they do it.

Amazon, one of the most successful businesses in US is in the news today because they pay their warehouse employees $11/hr. Maybe instead of complaining on the internet and having to endure abuse by Amazon robotized customer service should consider the options and be buying elsewhere.


make no mistake ,you pay and have paid for shipping when you buy something, this is just corporatism at its worst this day in age where price gouging the consumer and lying and cheating to raise the bottom line are the protocol.

this used to be illegal, who knows what lobbyists have done to the laws now though!?


I used to get pretty quick shipping of in stock items even with the free shipping option. That stopped as soon as I made my first return of a defective product. Now I get the maximum delay. Apparently I am being "punished."

I will be using Amazon a lot less from now on.


The estimated delivery date is shown on the final review screen.


I just dealt with a similar situation. I'm a prime member, and they wouldn't ship my item until my total exceeded 25.00


I feel you there. About 2 months ago I had to wait 9 business days before my super saver package shipped.

I haven't been back.


yes its a tactic to get you to buy shipping. i had the same problem and then ordered something with paid shipping it shipped next day.