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I was reviewer #298 when Amazon deleted ALL my reviews and canceled my VINE reviewer status. This followed an email inviting me to review a product in exchange for reimbursement of the product cost which I declined. The email/invitation was sent to many Amazon reviewers and was forwarded, along with the mailing list for it, to Amazon by an apparently self-righteous reviewer - to whom this email was also sent, named Martin Fried. Within 48 hours of his doing this, my reviewing 'privileges' were ended and all of my approximately 1500 reviews were summarily deleted.

If I try to post a review now, this is the message I receive:

"We apologize but Amazon has noticed some unusual reviewing activity on this account. As a result, all reviews submitted by this account have been removed and this account will no longer be able to contribute reviews and other content on Amazon. If you would like to learn more, please see our community guidelines. To contact us about this decision, please email"

Requests to Amazon for a more detailed explanation have gone ignored. Now I, too, am an unearned outcastl

Reason of review: Dismissal as a reviewer..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Upper level customer service.

Amazon Cons: Being summarily dismissed as a reviewer, Bad - unprofessional.

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If you want to find out what you did wrong and want a detailed explanation you deserve to know. I see people saying good luck on that reply, Amazon may or may not reply when it suits them if at all etc.

This is actually a fantasy if you live in the EU as they actually have no choice under the GDPR if you request your information. The GDPR part I have pasted here is what I found most relevant but I advice you to google GDPR and read up on the whole law and then request your information afterwards. The GDPR does not specify how to make a valid request. Therefore, an individual can make a subject access request to you verbally or in writing.

It can also be made to any part of your organization (including by social media) and does not have to be to a specific person or contact point. A request does not have to include the phrase 'subject access request' or Article 15 of the GDPR, as long as it is clear that the individual is asking for their own personal data.

So if you require a reply to why they have removed the right to leave reviews they have actually one month to reply not if and when they choose to. To get a complete insight into your rights google GDPR for the full law.


I'm sorry to hear that this is still going on. I was banned in August of last year, don't know why.

Gave up on the idea of being reinstated after emailing the jeff@amazon email and then getting the same canned response I'd gotten when they'd banned me. Wasn't a top reviewer, had never even been offered a discount or refund for a review. I was a longtime Prime member, had subscribe and save autoshipments, Kindle Unlimited. Cancelled them all, and since then the only things I ever buy on Amazon are ebooks, and things I haven't found anywhere else.

Otherwise, my business all went to,, and eBay. Even found a couple of my previous favorite Amazon sellers on eBay as well.

I really liked Amazon and would have remained a loyal customer, but I really don't like being accused of (and penalized for) something I haven't done. Especially when Amazon reaped the benefit of people like us taking the time to leave an honest review in the first place.


I got banned too. So frustrating.


Same here, But I don't know why. I am not able to review anymore..