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I guess it was bound to happen... growing so big that it becomes difficult to control quality.

Could always count on Amazon when products didn't meet expectation or for decent pricing or for two-day delivery. Now? Pricing isn't all that competitive. As for delivery, I miss the days of UPS and Fed Ex.

These days I have the following experiences more often.

So often, in fact, they have become the norm. So often, in fact, they no longer inspire any confidence that packages will arrive on time or without some sort of problem.

--Ordered items left at wrong address, prompting a call to Amazon Logistics. Their resolution: we'll send out a new order. That's great...

if the order wasn't needed by the day it was SUPPOSED TO ARRIVE.

--Messages that delivery was "attempted," a "safe spot couldn't be found," and to indicate "where to leave package" when they return the next day... even when I have it listed on my Amazon account where deliveries should be left. Am I supposed to specify this for every order now? Am I supposed to now be at my door for the whole day the order is expected?

My favorite is when I get a message that delivery "knocked on the door" when I was actually home and neither saw nor heard anyone. I thought the whole purpose of delivery was so one could receive something even if they were out.

--Two day delivery taking three or more days.

--Another favorite: the delivery date changing in the cart while still shopping... even when it displayed X amount of hours remained in which to place the order.

Currently awaiting resolution on the latest delivery problem.

Kind of had it and will most likely cease using Amazon. It's just not worth the hassle any more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Delivery Service.

Location: New York, New York

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If Amazon doesn't want to leave the deliveries to experienced delivery companies they should come up with a sincere way of apologizing to the customers they let down. Perhaps a 25% discount or every day the order is late which would make the product free on the 4th day. It might give them an incentive to get their act together.