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We received a gift from my mother. She ordered Christmas napkins through Amazon and sent them to us in the mail.

We did not want them. When we looked up the Amazon return policy it stated that if we wanted to return them it could be done privately and the purchaser would be unaware. That was not the case as my mother called us to ask why we returned the napkins. We would not have returned them had it been done privately as Amazon policy stated.

My mothers feelings are hurt and we are left with an awkwardness with the family due to the ineptitude of Amazon. Furthermore when I called customer service the representative was not able to understand the situation and had wasted 10 more minutes of my time. Now we have to spend Christmas in an uncomfortable situation because for some reason when we returned our Amazon gift , you alerted the purchaser even though you said you wouldnt.

Thats why we prefer to shop in person and not online. But the whole world prefers online so our opinion holds very little weight.

User's recommendation: Don’t use Amazon.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: No one to solve the simple problem.

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