AaSWas supposed to receive 2 separate packages from Amazon today. First one came with a nice picture and I got it from my steps just like the pic and gave the driver a good review.

After opening first and it up n running ( Amazon tablet). I decided to check on second package (a protective case for said tablet) so I could give it to my youngster who was waiting hotly for it but couldn't have tablet without case.. Well I checked and it said it was delivered but I didn't get an email with a picture for that delivery. So I go to both my doors even walk down my long driveway to mailbox thinking it must be in there...

But no such luck didn't understand how my tracking info was saying it was delivered but no product.. So I called Amazon for some help with it. The lady who answered was nice enough while going thru the motions to check on it , and I followed everything she said to look at same thing she was seeing. Came down to tracking which said it was delivered but that's when things got alittle screwy the lady really wasn't making since for what she was telling me that it wasn't delivered and I show call back tomorrow.

And when I asked her about it she thru some words at me but really didn't explain to I Think anyone's possible understanding of the situation. Then she said she hoped she answered all my questions and wanted to get off the phone without getting that understanding to me . I said I didn't really think she helped me at all for anything and without any comment back from her I just hung up thinking she must be new or didn't know what she was doing...

Sry for all this but thought u might want to know. Scott Bayne sbayne71@***.com b

User's recommendation: Needs just alittle more training on phones.

Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

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