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I won a $5.00 Amazon card in July and to date (25 Oct.) have not received it.Should it take three months or more to receive a $5.00 award? Very disappointed with the entire site. Token games including are prone to daily freezes when result in the lose of tokens as they...
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Can't buy gift card with Visa

You are now connected to Manisha from Me:Merry Christmas. I am trying to purchase an gift card with my visa card and the checkout process is requesting that I select Visa for a payment method. That payment method is not listed in my choices.10:04:19 AM Me:The only 2 choices available are "Credit or Debit" and " Store Card". I've tried entering my number in both options, but I receive an error stating that I did not select the right type of payment.10:04:19 AM Me:Please provide feedback that it is incredibly frustrating and totally absurd to not be able to purchase something on with an credit card. The technical controls put in place here do nothing for security or fraud prevention and the last thing a business should do is make it hard for customers to give them money.10:04:19 AM Me:If you've got a fix to circumvent the issue, I'd love to know it.10:04:19 AM Me:Thank you!10:04:19 AM Me:Michael10:04:19 AM Manisha:Hello, my name is Manisha. I'll be happy to help you today. 10:04:23 AM Me:Thanks, Manisha. 10:04:42 AM Manisha:Let me check.10:05:10 AM Manisha:Can you please tell do you want to send the gift card via e-mail, mail which procedure you are selecting?10:05:56 AM Me:via email.10:06:26 AM Me:great question!10:06:36 AM Manisha:Thank you. Let me check.10:07:12 AM Manisha:I would like to inform you that there is no need to select the visa card separately, you just need to put the credit card number, card holder's name & expiration date & click on continue & your order will good to go.10:11:25 AM Me:As stated above, I keep getting an error when I do. 10:12:10 AM Me:"The credit card number did not match the card type that you selected. Please check the credit card number and select the proper credit card type from the dropdown menu.10:12:59 AM Me:"10:12:59 AM Manisha:Michael then in this case I request you to give us a call at 1-866-216-1072 & we'll add the credit card for you.10:13:27 AM Me:Thanks for the advice, but I will not. It's too much trouble, so I will go somewhere else. Please provide this feedback that when you make it too difficult to do business, you lose money. Especially with an Visa card. Ridiculous. Thanks for your help, Manisha.10:15:17 AM Manisha:I am sorry for the inconvenience you've faced. You're welcome. Thanks for visiting Have a nice day.10:16:04 AM Manisha from is OnlineSecure Connection.
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There is an Amazon VISA and an Amazon Store card, I think you got the 2 confused. I buy gift certificates with my Amazon VISA a LOT but I don't select Amazon store card to use it. HTH

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Amazon Gift Card