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I had ordered a Christmas present to be delivered Dec 20th to my dying mother because I was out of the country. Although it said delivered, it wasnt, so when I called on Christmas to wish her a merry Christmas for the last time I asked if she had received my present.

She had not. She had thought I had forgotten her on her last Christmas alive. I am pissed! This is terrible.

The customer service person and their supervisor could not understand why a replacement five days in the future would not work. I had to repeatedly explain that she would be dead by then. Inexcusable. I asked to have it overnighted.

I was to

D that option was not available. It is now going to arrive Tuesday.

The guests at her funeral Im sure will enjoy it!! Awful, inexcusable, 1 hour of my time on Christmas only to have to explain to inept people over and over again she is dying, she wont receive it, she will be dead!!!!

User's recommendation: Make sure you do not buy an important gift from Amazon.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Fremont, California

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