Attempting to get the promised return labels for things I did not order! I was promised return labels for multiple orders after ordering one received two or three or seven of the same item.

Im contacting my Discover card and disputing the charges and if I do not receive return labels within the next five days I will consider them gifts and I will have them distributed tonight Discover card! The whole time is the dickens! Your service people are either stupid or liars, you choose! Send The return labels that I have been promised or I will consider these gifts!

My review of my dealings with Amazon will be just as it sounds, pissed off over your lousy fraudulent services!

What youre doing is fraud, and I will report it to the Better Business Bureau, and everyone on my mailing list. Every single time I go online, I will explain in detail that *** service Amazon provides, and the way you steal from your customers!

User's recommendation: Stop stealing from your customer base!

Location: Clermont, Florida

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