I ordered an ac

Infinity tent only ones I use. Got here with holes all in box.

Driver noted it. Opened it looked ok put it together has holes all in it rip from a forklift. Not m ac infinity at all but some junk called I power tents. Customer service sucked said send it back it is in pieces no box pure trash want it back.

Said they would refund my card amd to reorder the AC tent. Ok I go to do that they are out of stock can send ipower. So the I power was put to me as a sub I guess. Piece of crap amd I still cant order my ac tent until they have them but thats fine Ill wait.

I have gotten five of the ac tents hun Im so pissed amd I have to fix and shop back this crap instead of trashing it to tue dump. So no money back until they get it amd I have no tent.

Horrible experience emailed AC infinity to make them aware of this sins of products when you think your building theirs. Hopefully I can just deal with them direct in the future if I wanted I power id have them but they have junk quality can see light threw all the zippers with out the damage cheap material very sad.

User's recommendation: Don’t bug I power poor quality.

Location: Cottage Grove, Oregon

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