For whatever reason, I have been unable to receive any email from Amazon using my normal email address:

george.marcus.74@***.com , therefore I am resorting to another secure email address (as above).

This the text of a complaint I sent yesterday:.

"I have not been able to log in to my Amazon account because my password is not recognized and despite repeated efforts to get an OTP, no email was received. Although I was able to get an OTP by SMS, when I entered it, again, I received no confirming email.

On Friday, July 9, , while checking my on-line bank records, I found a charge from Amazon that I didn't recognize.

The Amazon order number ( RETAIL PURCHASE AMZN Mktp US 119131****20) showed that someone unknown to me ordered something using my Canadian Visa.I could not cancel the order because the item was already being prepared for shipment and was to be delivered on Monday, July 12.

I manage to chat with "John" to file a complaint, giving all the pertinent details. John replied that the matter would be "escalated' , whatever that meant, and that I would be sent an email regarding resolution.

I never received any further communication.In the meanwhile, I have been charged CDN $206 for something I never bought. Please refund my money and help regain access to my account.

User's recommendation: Requiring 2 step verification in logging on to Amazon and in placing order should prevent this from happening in the future.

Location: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv

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