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Amazon is now consistently late with shipping; some orders marked "delivered" just disappear; Prime is a joke; customer service is a vain attempt to understamd someone who also does not understand ME; and prices are no longer the best..l have been a customer for 14 years- suddenly l had to verify my identity and change my password EVERY time l tried to log in....l gave up on them last week and closed my account.(when you close your account, btw, suddenly someone who speaks English gets on the phone!) Amazon is in the dumper. l fear.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Amazon Pros: Way i was treated by cs prior to this incident, Ease of checkout.

Amazon Cons: Inconsistent policies and promises, Delivery time, Brush off customer and take no responsibility for their service.

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I have received shipment from Amazon via USPS. I have also experienced delayed shipment without prior notice or $25 gift card.

One time, I was suppose to receive another package from Amazon. It stated that it was delivered but it was not there. I looked everywhere that it could be placed, but it was not there. I contacted Amazon via the web chat function they have.

The customer service was rude and unwilling to help.

They kept passing me around to different agents, claiming they can't help. Eventually, I call the customer service help line and they helped me resolved my problem.


These complaints always seem so odd to me. First off, my Amazon packages always come directly from UPS or FedEx, or from a Prime courier....never USPS.

Second, any time I have had a delay in a Prime package I have received a $25 gift card as compensation for the delay, even if it was only a day.

Customer service online via e-mail is extremely simple and I always have a response within 24 hours. Maybe I just live in a better delivery area?


Part of the problem with late deliveries from Amazon can be traced to their use of the USPS for actually delivering the package. The item may start out with FedEx or UPS but then are delivered, in bulk to the local post office who is supposed to deliver it.

They may or may not do so in a timely fashion. Yes, when you track some packages it may say "delivered" but the post office has some incoherent method or reason for saying "delivered" when it is still sitting at the post office. You then get the package in a day or two. Amazon uses the post office because it is cheaper, as do UPS and FedEx.

And, of course complaining to Amazon is an exercise in futility. Best to avoid Amazon if at all possible unless you really don't care when it is actually delivered or Amazon's price is really alot cheaper than from elsewhere.