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I attempted to leave an honest negative review for a product I purchased and Amazon removed it and did not allow me to post a negative review describing my experience with the product and attempt to return it to the company. Apparently Amazon does not allow negative reviews.

I no longer believe any of the reviews on Amazon and am trying to avoid purchasing from them as much as I can and ordering from Walmart instead. I will probably cancel my membership since no membership is required with Walmart and they allow negative reviews so people know what they are dealing with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Furniture And Decor Review Listing.

Reason of review: Mistrust.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Amazon Cons: Negative review not allowed.

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That is because when you write a review you are reviewing the product, not the seller. Many sellers sell the same exact products so your issue with the seller should not be there.

There is a review form for seller feedback.

There is NOTHING wrong with this and your complaint is ridiculous. If you READ this wouldn't be a problem.