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Selling my Tel No and Debit Card number

I have received 4 calls from AMAZON, asking for the Exp date and Sec code of my CLOSED Debit cards. I closed them because FRAUD Amazon with Foreign callers want to CHARGE my $750, for orders of T-shirts or Computer Games. Amazon has received my complaints, and NO RESPONSE has been received. NEVER give your info out and Amazon would NEVER CALL YOU. iT IS A FRAUD. So be CAREFUL.

User's recommendation: stop purchasing from AMAZON, Buy LOCAL at the STORES who pay your TAXES.

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Newburgh, New York

Amazon Refund Nightmare

Well, I have shopped with Amazon for years and was one customer who spent a lot of money with them. I did most of my Christmas shopping thru them as well as gifts all year round. I never had a problem with them until now and did it turn out to be some mess!!!! I ordered a camera from them on Dec 8th. I received it on Dec 12th and realized I ordered the wrong camera. I called Amazon and Mary was the person on the other end. I explained to her I ordered the wrong camera, that the mistake was mine and can I return it ASAP so I could re-order the correct one.. SHe assured me I could and sent an UPS shipping label to me. I then explained to her that I wanted to place an order for the correct camera and get it in time for xmas but that I would need the refund credited back to me before I could do that. Needless to say, credits go much much slower than the debits!!! I asked if there was anyway she could expedite things for me. She advised me to get that return camera back out to her as soon as I can. A little while later I get an email from Mary saying: Due to the circumstances surrounding your order, I have made a one- time exception to our standard policy. For an advance refund. I thought that was a great gesture on their part and I was praising Amazon!!!!! Indeed on 12/13 I went to the site and found under that purchase: refund settled; amount of $216.31 (minus shipping) refunded back to bank account and they sent me an email to confirm. I waited a day and then re-ordered the correct camera thinking that the deposit from them would should be back in my account before they took the new amount out. On Dec 17th I get a notice from my bank that I have an overdraft and I find out that Amazon never deposited the money back into my account. SO on the 17th I placed my first call and got Miah and after going over everything she advises me to contact Telecheck. Now, this just did not seem right to me. I didnt pay with a check and I didnt like the feeling of being blown off by her. I call Telecheck and after a long waste of time I find out they cant help me. So I call Amazon AGAIN and now I get Mary!!!!! Now Mary seems very helpful and assures me with a speech that this is going to be settled, not to worry, she will take care of this for me. She advises me to fax my bank statement to her for verification of bank fees and showing no deposit yet from Amazon and also advises me to call my bank and check on their end as she felt they could be holding things up for some reason (huh?) Yeah, whatever. One other thing: she is forwarding an inquiry to their billing dept to find out where the money went. She follows up with an email confirming her advice to me and ends with saying I will hear from them in 1-2 days. I faxed my bank statement and also called my bank and the manager did a search of their records and just as I had suspected, they had received nothing from Amazon. I call back a third time that day and got Reena and just asked her to update my status with a note that my bank is not the one holding up the money. Well, I had received no communications whatsoever from Amazon and decided I was going to call on the 18th and see if someone could give me an update and see if anything is moving ahead here and making progress. Now I get a Ron who gives me that very same speech about being certain he could resolve this and leaving me all warm inside. I go over the whole story AGAIN and he then proceeds to put me on hold. He comes back on and tells me it's too bad I didnt get him from the beginning because he could have helped me then. Now, it's too late, everything is pending and everything right has been done on their part and there was nothing more to do. I was getting the blow-off!!!! Oh, he says, one last thing, he'll give me a $30 gift certificate for my troubles. He'll get that off to me right away. Well, thanks for that gesture. Dec 19th- no word from Amazon regarding anything, no money and no *** $30 gift certificate. Now they are just adding insult to injury!!!!! Dec 20th-called AGAIN got Angelo this time who gives me the very same exact speech but says it like he REALLY REALLY means it!!!! reiterates all the same things to me: sending an inquiry to billing and now he'll up that gift certificate to $60 because he's really really sorry about all this!!!! He makes arrangements to call me between 10 and 11 am the next day to tell me how the inquiry with billing goes. Well, by 11:30 the next morning after getting no phone call from my friend Angelo, I call and get Alvin who makes me go through the whole *** story AGAIN and he proceeds to give me that VERY SAME EXACT SPEECH and I realize now with horror that they are all just reading a speech off a piece of paper. I get a chill from this. I ask to escalate this now and pass me along to a supervisor. After making me hold for 45 minutes (!!!!!!). I'm pretty sure that I spent an easy 6 to 8 hours on the phone by now. Now I get Kirk the supervisor!!!! Now here's someone who should be able to get to the bottom of things. First I get that speech which she recites a few times during our conversation then makes me go over everything all over again!!! No one seems to pass on the info or read the notes that everyone tells me there are entering into the computer. Just wasting my time...... What do you think happened???? After much pleading with her to please give me my money back before Christmas as I could really use it, she implies several times that she's suspicious about my bank being the problem, she will forward this to billing (this is the third freaking time I heard this). I told her this was done twice before without results and why did she think I should expect results this time? She told me she has friends in billing and she will get to the bottom of this eventually. Essentially, the supervisor offered nothing more than all the other people I talked to, she really blew me off and didnt even comment on the missing gift certificates. She wasnt going to go there and made that perfectly clear. She also made it clear that I wasnt going to get this money by Christmas and she didnt know how long it would take. Basically, I have been given a royal run around by this big company who have wasted hours of my time, cost me bank fees, took my money and kept it and didnt keep one promise any of them made to me. I am disgusted big time with Amazon and will do everything I can to publicize my story and embarrass them!!!! Also, I paid with a credit card and am filing a complaint with them to recover my money as I dont think AMazon is ever going to give me back my money!!!!!
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#109214 Review #109214 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Newburgh, New York
Amazon Gift Card

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