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Amazon is suspending alot of sellers without good explanation. It seems that they don't care anything but only their 15% commission. I have been longtime customer as a buyer and recently became a seller. Sold over $2000 worth of items in 6 days.. guess what? they now suspended my seller account without clear explanation and just notified me that they will hold my money for 90 days. What a communist business is that? Holding my money (and others) for 90 days... am I getting any interest?? Millions of dollars they are holding it for their own good.
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They have just done this to me as well. Gave me no worning.

I had 1 complaint and one shipment that I sent late, but the buyer agreed to that, and since only 3 people have left feedback for me, and one of them was not perfect, they have banned me.

The one bad feedback was 3 out of 5, not even below 50%, and the guy never gave me a chance to fix the problem. How can I possibly check thousands of disks ahead of time, to see if they work perfectly?



I always send a notice to all customers that their order was shipped - restated the shipping information and then asked for their feedback on my customer service and product after they receive it.

My account is suspended for 31 days due to this "review" for violating policy of contacting sellers. I know that amazon sends a "automated" message - but its just reaffirmation that I've processed and shipped it and to remind them to provide feedback.

By the way, I'm still suppose to list and ship products but I can't have my funds released until the review is concluded up to 31 days - it doesn't seem right to me.


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I, too, have just had my tangle with My issue is that as a new seller they say they hold the funds on reserve for 21 days.

Ok, fine. I don't like it, but ok. Now that 21 days is up on January 3rd, but I see on my account my settlement amount is dropping by the day. This is because apparently, even though there is no disclosure in the agreement as to this fact, they will only disperse the payments given for the 14 days immediately prior to the settlement date.

Meaning that first week in which I made $180 is continuing to be held, despite good feedback and tracking information given on each package. I call Support and they say those funds will be released 14 days AFTER the next settlement date, for a total of 6 weeks. They will not tell me why. I'm waiting for a supervisor to call back, but I know that I will have to call again and again.

And to the "Too bad, so sad" person- those are the reasons Amazon gives to excuse what they do. That does not mean that those excuses have merit. I have read over a hundred complaints from people saying that has happened to them, but they have never sold on Amazon before and never violated any rules. It's arbitrary.

And if they do make interest on the reserve funds, that violates federal consumer laws and banking laws. They are not allowed to use consumer money to profit on top of their commission with no disclosure.

That's how the law works. I will join any class action lawsuit that contacts me.


thanks for letting me vent as this has really angered me and if anyone has a lawsuit going, I'm in.


I believe it's about making money on the interest. I was also suspended and they even told me they will not give me specifics on as to why.

Think of all the monies sitting, earning interest from all the accounts they suspend or place reserves on each day. It's about clocking in the money for them and they could care less about the seller because there are so many of them.


Amazon must use a Paypal where the hold your money from 60 to 90 days I say don't use them anymore. The suck the life out of you if they could. They don't want you making to much money LOL *** EM


No reason equates to one of the following:

"You're account has been associated with another account that was banned for violating our terms of service"

or, the more common for posters of these complaint boards, and this is always omitted from the complaints:

"It has come to our attention that you are selling recopied media, this is against our policy agreement, you are no longer allowed to sell on our site"

Those are the reasons people that complain say that "Amazon closed my account for no reason". Those are also the reasons you never see any lawsuits go anywhere. You can't sue them for protecting their brand and the rights owners of counterfeited merchandise. Too bad, so sad.


I think this is a common SOP for Amazon, suspending seller accounts with no clear cut specific explanation and then holding money in your account for 90 days. We should boycott amazon!

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